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content marketingTop Ten Content Marketing Hacks

Did you know that, according to, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day? That's a lot of content, and it shows us it's recommended to publish the best content we can create every single time. Here are some of the most effective content marketing tips and hacks.

1. Keep the standards high.

Avoid writing a mediocre blog post each day, when you can create and publish a fantastic article every single week. This can be a serious challenge, so you may need to hire one or more skilled content creators.

2. Apply a few SEO tactics.

Not too many, though, because you'll upset the search engine spiders. Just make sure that if your content discusses blue widgets, those words can be found in the content a few times. If you have a tool that checks keyword density, make sure it is under 1%.

3. Focus on the readers.

Yes, ignore search engines! I know it may sound like conflicting advice, but the truth is that your visitors can make or break your site. I mean, its search engine rankings. If you write gibberish with the goal of pleasing search engines, people will leave your site right away, and this will make it lose its good rankings really fast!

4. Repurpose your content.

Yes, you have created a fantastic article which has attracted a few hundreds of visitors to your site. It's time to increase its reach even more by converting that blog post into a PowerPoint presentation, and then upload it to the top slide sharing platforms. Then, use the data points in the article to create a nice-looking infographic, which will be uploaded to the top image sharing sites. Don't forget to repost bits of content on the most popular social media platforms. Finally, create a podcast and a video using that great article as a base.

5. Become a better writer.

Improve your writing skills by taking a few courses that have gotten great ratings, or watching the most popular YouTube videos. Sites like will teach you how to create content that makes people buy. Also, don't forget to write each day; it's the best way to improve your craft.

6. Use content remarketing.

So, you have produced great content, but few people have read it attentively. There are several ways to tag website visitors, and then have your article displayed in front of their eyes using the Google Display network, for example. By doing this, you will allow your content to reach a much broader audience, and you will hopefully get better results from it.

7. Keep your content updated.

Search engines such as Google don't like outdated content; their main goal is to show users the hottest stuff on the web, after all. Therefore, make sure to edit your content anytime something changes. In fact, you should add fresh tidbits of information to your articles every month or so; otherwise, Google will devalue your content, and the number of website visitors will decrease.

8. Share the content with your list.

Build an email list and let your subscribers know anytime you create a fascinating blog post. Segment your audience, thus making sure that each person receives relevant content. Don't send them links to low-quality content, though; I guarantee that many of them will unsubscribe right away.

9. Maintain an editorial calendar.

If you don't do this, you will stop producing content, your site will tank, and your business will struggle to generate new leads. Use a spreadsheet to create a list with the content pieces you intend to produce this year, and then assign each one of them a deadline.

10. Measure the results.

Your great content may receive hundreds of social media shares, but it's not that great if it doesn't produce new leads. Any piece of content you create should have a clear purpose; evaluate the results according to the number of landing page views, email subscriptions, product sales, and so on.