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leadsHow to Generate Fresh Business Leads

Create relevant landing pages, which include strong calls to action. Give away a fabulous digital report in exchange for your visitors' email addresses. Ensure that your website offers great content. Use paid traffic, referral marketing, social media marketing, email marketing.

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content marketingTop Ten Content Marketing Hacks

Publish high-quality articles on your blog. Apply ethical search engine optimization tactics. Focus on your readers. Repurpose articles as presentations, infographics, social media posts, podcasts, videos, and more. Improve your writing skills. Use content remarketing.

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ampA Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages

Website loading speed matters, so make sure to use AMP. If your site is powered by WordPress, use the official plugin to set it up. The Accelerated Mobile Pages framework incorporates a subset of the HTML programming language, a simplified version of JavaScript, and a CDN.

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landing pageHow to Create Effective Landing Pages

Use headlines that emphasize benefits, downloads that are guaranteed to solve pressing business problems, offer significant discounts, free consultations, etc. Use high-quality copy for the text on your landing pages. Keep all the important content above the fold.

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visitorsKey Tips that Boost Website Traffic

Optimize your site for search engines using ethical on-page SEO. Post high-quality articles on your blog regularly. Set up accounts at the most popular social media platforms, and then use them. Get your site listed in industry-related directories. Use guest blogging.

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emailEmail Marketing for Small Businesses

Create a landing page which asks people to subscribe to your list in exchange for a digital download. Share the URL with your past and current customers, use the top social media channels to spread the news, etc. Segment the list and start sending them relevant emails.

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