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leadsHow to Generate Fresh Business Leads

Most business owners get quite a bit of traffic to their sites, but many of them are unable to covert those website visitors into leads. According to, the average landing page conversion rate is about 2.35%. So, you need to send those visitors to highly relevant landing pages, which include highly relevant calls to actions (CTAs). Yes, you've got it: the key words are "highly relevant".

But how can you attract those highly targeted visitors to your site in the first place? Truth be told, most web analytics specialists know that every site in the world receives a lot of unqualified traffic. From my experience, the number of visitors who aren't interested in whatever you are selling can easily reach 80%. Yes, there is nothing that you can do about that. However, you need to make sure that many of those remaining 20% convert into leads.

The process starts when a person clicks a link that leads him or her to your site. It may be a link from one of your Twitter posts, or it may be an advertisement from the Google Ads network. What will these people see when they land on your site? Hopefully, a "highly relevant" landing page, which reinforces the message they've gotten from that link or banner. And the CTA on that page should encourage them to take action, to do what you want them to do. For most businesses, this means providing some data (name, email, phone number, etc.) in exchange for a tremendously useful digital report.

I am not using "tremendously useful" lightly; if you try to bribe your website visitors using a free business template which was downloaded from another site, you will waste your - and most of all, your visitors' - time. People will not give away their personal information for a low-quality resource.

To generate new business leads, you will also need to have great content on your website. If your content is fabulous, visitors will understand that you are an authority in the industry, and many of them will click the CTA button.

One of the most powerful lead generation methods uses the Google Ads network. If you set up the campaign right, you will get fresh leads in less than 24 hours! Costs can be quite high, though, because all businesses in the country are competing for the same potential clients.

Referral marketing is another effective lead generation method. To use it, contact all your friends, relatives, LinkedIn connection, and so on, asking them to promote your offer. Don't be salesy, though; make it personal! Ask your peeps to share something like this with their network: "my friend, who is a talented and affordable graphics designer, is looking for work", rather than "get high-quality graphics for your site! 20% off the first order!".

Social media marketing works fine for some industries. It is not a solid approach in any sector, because most people use social media to communicate with friends, family, and entertain themselves. Facebook Ads, Twitter Lead Gen Cards and LinkedIn Ads have proven to be effective for many business owners, though.

No matter what lead generation method you use, make sure that the visitors are directed to the landing page, which should take care of the rest.

Once that you've got a list which includes at least a few dozens of subscribers, start sending them useful emails. These people already trust you; that's why they have given you their names and email addresses. Therefore, they are much more likely to take action. Craft valuable emails and use an email marketing platform that's got a high deliverability rate - Aweber, for example. If you don't follow this rule, your emails will go straight to your subscribers' trash folders, and your marketing efforts will be a waste of time and money.