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Formee - framework, xhtml, css, form, web - Fresh baked forms for your websites!

Fresh baked forms for your websites!

We cooked a compliant webstandard form for you. xHTML and CSS are the secret ingredients!

Cut, serve and enjoy!

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Formee is nothing but a framework to help you develop and customize web based forms. Did you use to spend a lot of time aligning fields and calculating margins and paddings in a quest for a perfect form? No more!

We already made this for you.

  • Crossbrowser

    Don't worry about having your form being rendered differently in the major browsers.

  • Flexible

    It fits into your project, it's flexible enough to adapt to the width you have available for the form.

  • Customizable

    You can easily change between a stylish form or a minimalist one. It comes with the basic needed for you to put your touch in it.

Why use a framework for forms?

Nowadays most developers already know how to quickly code a menu or a layout structure, but there're always a great difficulty when coding a form, either contact, login, newsletter, comment etc. Thinking about it, we created Formee, a framework aimed at building web forms.

Formee works with the technique provided by Fluid 960 Grid System (created by Stephen Bau, based on the 960 Grid System by Nathan Smith) to compose the form's layout, allowing total flexibility to put it in any website or web system.

Customizable and Flexible - The form has a structure built around percentage widths, thus allowing its inclusion in any project, adapting to the space available. Formee has its structural code independent of the style codes, facilitating the complete customization and manteinance of the form.

Semantics and Performance - The form was built with care to preserve web standards and their semantic values, working with the smallest possible amount of tags and according to the W3C rules.

Accessibility and Usability - Some elements have been inserted to add more value to your project , such as message boxes that can be shown indicating errors, warnings and success alerts. We also use the fieldset element to cluster form fields that have the same context through the legend tag.

For more information, send us an e-mail: and follow me on Twitter.

How to insert the code:

To work with Formee is so fast and easy as frying an egg. You just have to insert these two lines inside the head tag:

Next, take a look at our demo and check out our reference guide to see all elements and classes that can be customized.